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What are my mattress options?

There are many different mattress brands, sizes, and comfort levels so the selection can be limitless. At Mattress Mart Direct, we know our inventory inside and out, so we can help you narrow your selection down and help you get started buying a mattress.

Can I test the mattress out?

Flop on the different mattresses, roll around, get comfy, and lay on each mattress as you would at home to get an idea of how it will feels. Don’t be shy! When visiting Mattress Mart Direct, we want you to get comfortable and relax in bed.

What is your mattress recommendation for my specific needs?

Make us aware of any specific sleep needs you may have – this can be in regards to pain, favorite sleep position, mattress firmness preference, or simply which side of the bed you prefer to sleep on. Based on the information you have shared, ask what we think is the best mattress option for you. The team members know the latest bed technology, specific product features, and much more to guide you towards what will be the best mattress for your unique sleep health.

What kind of mattress do you sleep on?

Ask us what kind of mattress they have in their home and what features help them sleep better. They may have some key insights from personal sleep experience that can help guide your mattress buying decision.

Is Mattress Firm offering any deals?

Be sure to inquire about any promotions Mattress Mart Direct may be currently offering. There are always sales and discounts available at Mattress Mart Direct that you will want to know about before you purchase your mattress.

What else will I need to purchase with my mattress to “sleep happy"?

Oftentimes, mattress shopping doesn’t only include buying the mattress. Remember that you will likely need a new box spring, bed frame, mattress protector, pillows, and bedding. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with all these products. To learn more about the life span of bedding accessories and when to replace them, check out this helpful information. When you arrive at the Mattress Mart Direct store, ask us in advance what we recommend you buy or replace to help inform the overall cost of your new bed and be sure to check out all of the Mattress Mart Direct products we have to offer.

How do I care for my mattress?
  1. You’ll want to make the most of your mattress purchase. We will recommend tips to ensure you’re sleeping happily for the full life span of your mattress.

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